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But tupac loved fame and had a bigmouth and loved controversy.With hes personality he couldin't stay out as long as he has in hidein'g he .

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvv4idgtcnw "Nigga's cant see me" Listen to the way he rides the beat. He murders that shit.
u r the omega of my heart / the foundation of my conception of love / when i think of what a black woman should be .
New Tupac DVD that dropped September 25th - Tupac Assassination: Conspiracy or Revenge. This DVD uncovers the real story the night of .

The 7 Day Theory is a conspiracy theory spurred by the death of rapper Tupac Shakur. This theory makes the claim that the rapper left clues .

I was bored . so I decided to make this thread. haha Which one's the better rapper? Personally, I enjoy both but Weezy's beats are better..but Lupe's.

Tupac Wallpaper.. *updated* Digital Arts. . 'Do the Right Thing' + Andy Warhol + Tupac = Keepin' it simple again. .
Vote for Tupac to be featured Recommend artwork be featured . I pulled out my airbrush (Mabel) and painted this portrait of Tupac . .Peace .
tupac for sure, not dissin biggie tho. tupac had A LOT more classic . Tupac is good, but i saw Biggie is better because of just the way he .
Rapper Tupac Shakur, legendary singer Dame Shirley Bassey, and rockers Muse have been named as the Vatican's favourite artists. .

Mainly because you'd actually make a boxing version of Tupac, but still. . That doesn't look a thing like Tupac , but i love it for that. .
for me it would be the tupac/illuminati theory, about how the illuminati controls the music industry, and how dr. dre, snoop dogg, .
2Pac / Tupac Shakur Thread.: . Just imagine if Tupac and Big L had a picture together. 0. Back to top; Reply Icon MultiQuote · Reply Icon .
ethan wrote this on thread tupac - dear mama on board I Love Music on Jun 1, 2002. its the wrms cats in control radio background music but .

Tupac's song "Changes" is one of 9 entries on the MySpace page for Pope Benedict XVI's album "Alma Mater: Music From The Vatican." .

Tupac And Biggie Freestyle '95 Video is there decent footage of tthis anywhere? MF Doom - There's a couple people who ain't wack. .
Now thats an odd news and why it only came out today? 10 years after his death? weird . Can you imagine the child of Madonna and Tupac .
http://www.myspace.com/tmztv tupac is ALIVE heres proof! . http://www.tmz.com/ 2009/04/30/tupac- . ctures-photos/ .

em kills tupac go listen to drama setter and no apologies peeps em owns rap, best rapper of all time, no one can compare to him. em has too .

I thought this might be a good question to ask - do you think Tupac is an "icon" . ..or "overrated"? (whether as an artist or because of .

As part of a Big Picture, is the death of Tupac unusual? If he were not a musician, and merely part of a criminal lifestyle, would his death .
What's the dillio? I don't believe for a moment that Tupac went out like that. I 'm a firm believer that the man himself has reclused himself .
I take it, you are a Tupac fan? . Find answers to the question, Is Kasinova The Don The Next Tupac He Sounds Like Him 98% His Lyrics 2% His .

tupac changes sheet music Marketing. . Join Date: Jun 2008. Post tupac changes sheet music - 06-25-2008, 12:41 PM. code heap imogen music .

tupac in his own words search full download. tupac in his own words free from rapidshare, megaupload, mediafire, hotfile, torrent, .
there's proof people live life, and then we move on, so there's no question bout that, and even if Tupac was alive anyways he was going to . Tupac was the kind of guy whose gun shot a ten year old boy riding his bike in Marin City CA . he also cut a record where he was bragging . LAS VEGAS -- Slain rapper Tupac Shakur will join the ranks of celebrities sculpted in wax at the Madame Tussaud Museum in Las Vegas, . NOTORIOUS SPECIAL – Anthony Mackie as Tupac Interview by FuTurXTV . Mackie stars as Tupac Shakur in NOTORIOUS, in theaters this Friday. .
Tupac Still Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!! منتدى الفن و الفنانين.
Who knows, but it looks like a hoax to me. I'm still one of those who believes that Tupac is alive, but I doubt that was him. .
Pac's Life is the upcoming 2006 album by rapper 2Pac and is scheduled for release on Tuesday, November 21, 2006. The first single was to be . -tupac went to jail -had missions involving music, tupac was a rapper . the story of Tupac and Biggie Smalls was an influence on the game. .

Tupac vs biggie thread who is better i want the peoples opinoin.

dont know much about tupac or the man himself but good on him! . Is this the same Tupac that was killed in Las Vagas coming out of a night .
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http://www.sohh.com/articles/article.php/12911 Lil Wayne will never be better than Tupac. What do you guys think? If tupac was alive today .

whats your favriote tupac song???? Boxing Scene Lounge.
This is a WTF moment in sports television history, BarStoolSports has this great pic of a guy who looks just like Tupac Shakur.
Tupac costume FX Requests. . i need a full tupac transformation nose and all pleas help. rapdawg is offline .
Video After The Jump Notorious BIG became a TOP 5 Dead Or Alive MC off the strength of just two albums. A testament to how great his .
TUPAC is obviously one of the greatest rap musicians to emerge in recent times. Even in "death", this great artist has continued to sell .
I took the Coroners report, which Ms. Cathy Scott, who confidently claims that Tupac is dead, has published in her book as the official .

Besides scribbling lyrics, and detailed poems, the late rapper, actor and activist Tupac Shakur also penned several screenplays before his .
tu pac & biggie on it even better R.I.P. Tu-pac & Biggie Smalls . R.I.P Tupac ur music was great and still is i would say changes were the .

Tupac's Chest Top Left: 2pac Top Right: Queen Neferetete (Egyptian Queen) with " 2.DIE.4" below it. Middle: A machine gun and tha words "

Tupac shakur was a talented gangster rapper in the 90's he was shot September 7th 1996.and died September 13. but there are mystery going .
Biggie Smalls or Tupac. Posted by Nigel Spackman on February 13, 2010 at 10:12pm in Fulham and Football in general · View Discussions . Discussion about Tupac knew about the Illuminatie plan and the RFID-Chip? at the GodlikeProductions Conspiracy Forum. Our topics include Conspiracy Theory, .
Me Against the World is a hip hop album by Tupac Shakur, released on March 14, . All Eyez on Me is a double album by rapper Tupac Shakur. .

Discusion about Reported sightings of Tupac Shakur cause ripples in the AboveTopSecret.com website alternative topics discussion forum .

From all of the black videos that I have seen on youtube and everywhere else. I have come to one conclusion and that is Tupac is the best . Added the possibility to use an alternate command instead of pacman through custom settings. checkout tupac --help . what do you pple think. do u guys think tech n9ne is more talented dan tupac n biggie? or do u still dink tupacs da best period? Open Discussion about Why Tupac Is For Real 2pac, Tupac TwuPac 2twopac - HIGLIGHTS: Tupac, Social, Song, 2pac, Lyric, Poem, Rapper, Don39t, . [youtubevid]BMGZ8NfvUsU[/youtubevid] I have a feeling he COULD be alive. Not sure if I'm fulling convinced but this was a video that kinda .
Where is Suge Knights BMW that Tupac was killed in? 7 Series (E23, E32, E38, E65 , E66)
Tupac Shakur is now friends with RC & the Pirates . Tupac Shakur added 234 new photos to the My Photos album. .
Drake ft. Tupac - Forever. Posted by phurdrick on November 21, 2009 at 11:30am; View phurdrick's blog. Tags: drake, forever, hip-hop, rap, remix, tupac .
Discusion about Tupac Killed by the US Govt? in the AboveTopSecret.com website alternative topics discussion forum Music. Tupac All Day!!! Misc. . Fuse TV will be playing nothing but Tupac documentaries and videos all day . nah rappers that are on similar levels to tupac .
Tupac Is Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted Apr 29th 2009 8:35AM by TMZ Staff 13 years after he was shot and "killed" in Las Vegas . a man. Black Astrology : Meet the Gemini Twins - 2Pac & Tupac Aqil - Black Astrology.
Tupac and Biggie: Stil Unsolved Mysteries . . In 1996 Tupac Shakur, one of the most talented artists of his time, was murdered by an .
In true Broomfield fashion, BIGGIE AND TUPAC comes off more as an entertaining shockumentary than a serious work of cinematic journalism, .

Tupac is not alive and Suge Knight did not set him up. It is not true that Tupac was going to leave Death Row Records. Yes Tupac did set-up .

Com, Announcements, Staff Info, Polls, Lord Knowz, Holler If Ya Hear Me, Tupac Amaru Shakur & Death Row Records, 2Pac News & Headlines, Death Row/WIDEawake .
Tupac is alive. Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. . Xeno-iZ-eVo's Avatar. Join Date: Feb 2009. Posts: 1261. Xeno-iZ-eVo is on a distinguished road. Tupac is alive. .
A friend of mine said that at today, and he was serious, I mean I love Cudi, but isn't it a bit early to say? Thoughts?
It was already discussed at length last week, but I thought I'd spill the debate on over here.Some of you will say "apples and oranges," and . What Do You Think Is Tupac ALIVE or DEAD ? ? ? . Send a message via AIM to iiAlfredOxSauCe. Default Tupac Shakkur [ DEAD or ALIVE ] .
i know some people people think tupac ain't really dead but this is what i seen i Just found out to day I decided look to him up cuz I was .
No, I dont really like tupac or biggie all that much… so I put my dollar on snoop. . good hip-hop out their why are you guys focusing on Biggie and Tupac? .
tupac changes search full download. tupac changes free from rapidshare, megaupload, mediafire, hotfile, ftp, direct download. tupac changes .
But at the and I think Nas is lyrical as strong as tupac: he, kool G rap, Rakim and Big L may be the greatest rappers ever. . Tupac Shakur's mother is seeking to prevent his former label, Death Row Records Inc., from selling the late rapper's unreleased recordings . Tupac is dead, Period. People think because he still has records coming out he's alive, he did 3 songs a day in the studio, come on folk. .
Tupac Shakur was one of music's most successful, controversial, and enigmatic artists. His untimely passing, however, left many questions .
The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory was on of the 'final' finished albums Tupac did - under the name Makaveli. .

Tupac Render: ^~v.~^_^~v.~^_^~v.~^_^~v.~^ . Planet Renders Forums: Tupac Render - Planet Renders Forums. Jump to content .

Tupac's album All Eyes on Me was released on Feb.13, 1996. Tupac "died" on Sept. 13, 1996. It is quite a coincidence that the two dates are .

Help finding this Tupac t shirt General Discussion and Debate.
I dont think tupac's dead(THUG 4 LIFE!) The term Makaveli in itself gives it away but its truly a hard call to make. He definitely could be dead! .
my little brother always ALWAYS writes R.I.P Tupac at the end of emails . .. when he writes to me . . hes only 13 so i don't think he .