(texnum==19600314)|| // GSG9 Body . (texnum==10500163)|| // GSG9 Rolled Up Sleeves (texnum==38100666)|| // GSG9 Tactical Knee Pads .
Hello, Got a new skin today. Its a re-skin of the ranger to look like the GSG-9, the German version of the SAS or Navy Seals.

I have successfully overclocked my tx1308nr using coolbits and the nvidia forceware drivers, only by 50mhz but its something. GSG-9 is .
MY GSG9's squeaked when I walked on tile floors. Not very stealthy from my perspective. I went back to Danners. . I've wanted a UX for ages and after seeing the GSG 9 version, I wanted one even more so after selling my Seamaster Chronograph to a friend I . GSG 9 may be tasked by the BGS command to assist its own regular units as well as federal agencies such as the BKA (Bundeskriminalamt, or "Federal Criminal . GSG-9 * Posts: 64. View Profile · Email · World of Warcraft . GSG-9 * Posts: 64. View Profile · Email · Re: World of Warcraft .
Playhouse GSG-9 "Low Profile" Version GI Joe /Military/ Historical. GrußMassari.Hi,Habt ihr oder kennt ihr Trainingspläne von diversen Spezialkräften.
I have read mixed reviews on the ADIDAS GSG9 and would like to here . BICYCLE - GSG9 are mega when in trade training - you might want to .
GSG 9 serie search full download. GSG 9 serie free from rapidshare, megaupload, mediafire, hotfile, torrent, direct download. .
. GSG9 Balaclava (texnum==83600752)|| // GSG9 Clan BDU . GSG9 Body Armor ( texnum==10500163)|| // GSG9 Rolled Up Sleeves . terrorists have normal gueriella skin and CTs have normal GSG 9 skin and i have that in my models.txt. Back to top . spop/gsg9 + scar light = [adjective] Cross Fire Weapons and Gear.
GSG-9 - What sidearm are they using? The Niner's Club.

whats the difference between swat teams such as for example LAPD SWAT or german SEK and counter terrorist units such as GSG-9 or FBI HOSTAGE .

GSG-9 (german anti-terror unit) Attila the Hun vs. Alexander the Great Aztec Jaguar vs. Zande Warrior (afrian tribal warriors) Jesse James Gang vs. .

First up is a pair of the original High-speed, Low-drag boot, the Adidas GSG-9 generation 1. They haven't made these for some time, .

I use a different GSG9 Skin . looks a lot better than that one . I will post a picture and a link in a few. .
Film in German about the GSG9 training with Israeli SF. Tags: Spezialeinsatzkommando GSG9 Doku · Spezialeinsatzkommando SEK Training Amok .
GSG-9. Attila the Hun vs. Alexander the Great Aztec Jaguar vs. Zande Warrior Jesse James Gang vs. Al Capone Gang Persian Immortal vs. Celt .
GSG-9. Attila the Hun vs. Alexander the Great Aztec Jaguar vs. Zande Warrior . What's a GSG-9? I'm surprised there's no vikings. .

Dunno what the GSG-9 is . . maybe the next gun that GSG is making, its an AK clone, wont be out till probly Jan 09. .
. GSG9 Bangs (texnum==8800105)|| // GSG9 Feet (texnum==36900650)|| . . GSG9 Body Armor (texnum==10500163)|| // GSG9 Rolled Up Sleeves .
Discusion about GSG9 won world swat challange in the website alternative topics discussion forum Weaponry.
My AD has the standard and the GSG9 versions available. . 1. standard version has a cleaner dial, without additional GSG9 logo .

You are better off with the original Adidas GSG9 boot . haven't the GSG9 also fallen apart as well? from sounds of it you've probably run .

models/player/gsg9/gsg9.mdl models/player/guerilla/guerilla.mdl models/player/ leet/leet.mdl models/player/militia/militia.mdl .
GSG9 Cuerpo De Elite - Temporadas 1 y 2 [DSRRip 350Mb][MU|RS|SO|UP] Series en Español - Nuevas temporadas.
Like Jason (park fung), I have recently bought a Sinn 142, this time the GSG9 boxed set. Went for this basically because of the extra .

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I have for sale a brand new and boxed pair of Adidas GSG-9 Tactical Original Boots for sale. They retail for £129.99. .

Also for CQB i would like a modern day GSG-9 Loadout. Can anyone help me find any pictures of the GSG-9 currently? .
Título original: GSG-Die Elite Einheit -Año: 2007-2008 -Nacionalidad: Alemania - Intérpretes: Bülent Sharif, Jorres Risse, André Hennicke.
Germany dispatched its GSG9 team aboard a 707 with 30 men. The Germans asked the SAS for help and Major Alastair Morrison and Sergeant Barry .

Member No.: 25860. I would definitely pick the converse boots over the gsg9's. Go to the top of the page. + Quote Post .

TimeZone and the Sinn Forum are pleased to announce the official release of a brand new Sinn watch - the Sinn UX GSG9 Special Forces . collage3.jpg . . GSG9 Bangs (texnum==8800105)|| // GSG9 Feet (texnum==36900650)|| . . GSG9 Body Armor (texnum==10500163)|| // GSG9 Rolled Up Sleeves . precache_model("models/player/gsg9/gsg9.mdl") . cs_set_user_model(id, "gsg9") if (model == CS_CT_GIGN) cs_set_user_model(id, "gign") . GSG9 and GIGN are the German and French equivalent of FBI's HRT. . Wikipedia wrote: The German GSG 9 team won every event at the 2005 SWAT .
Description: Military Series- Modern War Soldiers German GSG-9 Special Force Info: .
All Members here have a Special Training and are allowed on Community Sessions, to Join the GSG 9 Slot.(4 Slot) .
Anyone know of a source for Adidas GSG-9 tactical boots- besides Botach? I'm on my 3rd pair in 5 years, and I'm addicted. -Thanks . QUOTE(GSG-9 @ Sep 23 2006, 08:10 PM) *. I got it working! . This post has been edited by GSG-9: Sep 25 2006, 08:40 PM .

Well I got Tidus from Final Fantasy X and GSG9 counter-terrorist guy from Counter-Strike: Source into UT3. I used that Shakeno work around .

واو نتر يب كن وافع. مصعب at 5/15/2005 1:04:30 PM. شن وهتن من سن. LWU at 5/15/ 2005 1:01:09 PM. BNB GSG9. DS. [:D] at 4/14/2005 10:12:28 AM .
"*REPLACE" "gsg9" "gsg9kabOOm". should be fine. Also, if your model is named gsg9kabOOm, it should be in a path like this (in your server): .
. GSG9 Helmet (texnum==31900466)|| // GSG9 Gas Mask (texnum==19300342)|| . GSG9 Rolled Up Sleeves (texnum==38100666)|| // GSG9 Tactical Knee Pads .

Folks, I've narrowed it down to either a set of 6'' Oakley boots or the GSG9 by Adidas, only issue I have is their fitment . none of the .
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GSG9 is the counter terrorist unit of the German Border Guards. The boots are designed specificially for them and for their duties. .
Read about GSG9 Wins World SWAT Challenge - GSG9 sweeps all competition in the World SWAT Challenge by grabbing first place in all.
make shure you and the server has the default gsg9 model. . Simplest way. delete ur gsg9 model. then go back in the server and wait till .
Re: Sinn GSg9 Question : What is the case diamater? . I like everything but the GSG9 logo on the dial. That's a bit cheesy, IMO. .

. GSG9 Bangs (texnum==8800105)|| // GSG9 Feet (texnum==36900650)|| . . GSG9 Body Armor (texnum==10500163)|| // GSG9 Rolled Up Sleeves .
Has anyone heard or know of anything about the German GSG-9 boot, . . god forbid anyone but GSG 9 and Delta wear them then..everyone else .

The GSG-9 is at the bottom of the page if you click the link in the OP . The GSG-9 could use a different action but still look like an MP5 .

[Archive] Adidas GSG9.2 Reviews on Other A/S Stuff.
Ein Forum über die Sat 1 Serie GSG 9, in der über die Folgen, die Charaktäre, Darsteller diskutiert werden kann. Can somebody make a umbrella gsg9 for css, ill give whatever I have, Im a big fan of resident evil and i want a umbrella gsg9 but no will make it and no one .
GSG-9/Bundeswehr insignia/jump wings Bundesrepublik Deutschland, 1949-Present.

Junior Member. Join Date: Feb 2007. Location: chicago. Posts: 7. sduff is an unknown quantity at this point. Default Sinn EZM2 GSG-9 .

Which Swat Or Airsoft Soldier is Better? GIGN OR GSG-9? Airsoft. PlayHouse - 1/6 Scale GSG-9 Die Anti-terroreinheit (Deutschland) PARTS LIST: - APEX VEST - LOGG JACKET - ONE HOLE BALACLAVA . Just bigging it up for these boots. I got a pair of HAIX Ranger GSG9's (not to be confused with addidas GSG9's) for me birthday a few days ago and these . ok well i was goin thru my cs source folder and i went to models/players/ and i accidently deleted the gsg9.mdl.. so i went to play cs . Tue Jul 28 2009, 07:55AM. Registered Member #19. Joined: Sat Jul 04 2009, 09: 54AM Posts: 12, help me some maps bad gsg9.mdl .
the best ezm page that i know of is written by bob (of mwr fame): ezm-1 bob knows more about the link between sinn and gsg9 than anyone i .
models/player/gign/gign.mdl models/player/gsg9/gsg9.mdl models/player/sas/sas. mdl models/player/urban/urban.mdl models/player/vip/vip.mdl .
I had a pair of GSG9's issued when I was in the army. They are very comfortable, light as a feather and look sooo cool. .
It has also participated in the German GSG-9's Mogadishu aircraft . Today, the SAS is in a joint alliance with the Delta Force, GSG-9, . EDIT: Grr GSG-9, the way you word it is amazing :D Of course you can run 2 card on a single board and using them individually. .
FS: Sinn EZM 2 HYDRO Watch, Rare GSG9 Set Variant The Post Exchange . -Sinn GSG9 branded Knife The knife is used and will need sharpening . . GSG9 Bangs (texnum==8800105)|| // GSG9 Feet (texnum==36900650)|| . . GSG9 Body Armor (texnum==10500163)|| // GSG9 Rolled Up Sleeves .
No GSG 9 with CSS? Half-Life-and counter strike row. . with CSS is available on jedenfall the model GSG9. If you to the CT's joinst, .
Within 15 minutes of his first class the operators knew that Wagner's techniques would be adopted into the GSG9 training program. .

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Originally Posted by GSG9 View Post. holy shit, the orto's make that a really slick deal . you wouldnt happen to want to part with just the .
Has anyone tried the newest GSG9 boots from Adidas? I've researched and heard all the bad points. I even went as far as to find multiple .
. "models/zombie_plague/depredador1.mdl" } // Survivor new const model_human[] [] = { "arctic", "guerilla", "leet", "terror", "gign", "gsg9", "sas", .
The GSG-9 were a very good counter terrorist unit in West Germany, then for a short while in reunited Germany. .
addidas gsg9 boots army combat boots Equipment and Gear. This new version is the GSG-9 model, I was a bit sceptical at first but I liked the design. I presumed the GSG-9 link was pure marketing but .
GOP RE:Navy SEALs vs CAG vs SF vs Devgru vs AFSOC vs SAS vs SBS vs GSG9 vs GIGN 5/18/2006 12:48:14 PM. >>The one that shows up with a gun to .
There is this SWAT sporting event in Arkansas where the GSG 9 team . Okay, so its a SWAT event, but why does GSG 9 buy into this rubbish? .
Release Zen's GsG9 & GIGN [blackdevil/IRON] Soldier Front Mods.
Team GSG-9, the Federal Border Police of Germany, swept the competition and won all seven events. San Antonio, Dallas, Los Angeles and Bruce . Here is some older GSG 9 (border guard special unit) pics: . gsg9 is the german version of the russian alpha or for lack of a better word . Asunto: Re: Adidas GSG 9, un buen precio en Swat Madrid. Nota Publicado: Sab Feb 27, 2010 7:02 pm. EQUIPO DE MODERADORES .
Member Login. Please log in to cast your vote for gsg9. . gsg9 hasn't added any groups to their Friends/Favorites list yet. .
Currently, GSG-9 doesn't do any operations abroad, but acts like the FBI in . In 2005, the GSG-9 won 1st place out of 17 teams at the SWAT .

Of course, Since the spop has a thinner CHARACTER MODEL and same size hitbox she would be a little harder to hit but the GSG9 looks cooler .