Songs, Insults and Football Vocabulary

If you attend a match with Armada Sur, you'll be expected to get into the swing of things along with everyone else and add your vocal talents to those that already exist in the terraces.

If the referee makes a bad decision, you may want to inform him that he seems to have erred along with the rest of the supporters, therefore this page is here as a guide to the small bit of Spanish you might have to use at various points of the match and in some cases, the meanings...

Scroll down the page to read them all, or click on the links below to go to the relevant bits!


Armada Sur has added a couple of its own songs to the Frente Blanquiazul songbook, so we shall start with these first... The first one is sung to the tune of "Hey Baby" by DJ Otzi and goes a little bit like this... The original words are in italics whereas the football song will be in Bold.

Oh... Ten-er-if-e!... ooh! aah!....
Hey... he-y ba-by..... ooh! aah!......

Fren-te blan-qui-az-ul................. lo, lo, lo, lo, lo.
I wan-na know-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow...... if you'll be my girl.

The second song is sung to the tune of "Brown Girl in the Ring" by Boney M and goes like this...

Fren-te Hoo-li-gan... lo lo lo lo lo
brown girl in the ring... la la la la la

Fren-te Hoo-li-gan.... lo... lo lo lo lo lo
brown girl in the ring... la... la la la la la

The third is the Armada Sur adopted anthem, which you may recognise from the intro to this site. Sung to the tune of Hawaii Five-O, it goes something like this...

Lo,lo,lo,lo,lo,lo.....Armada Sur

Lo,lo,lo,lo,lo,lo.....Armada Sur

(sung whilst jumping around frantically) Lo,lo,lo,lo,lo,lo,lo,lo,lo.....

lo,lo,lo,lo,lo,lo,lo,lo,lo,lo,lo,lo,lo..... Armada Sur!

Most songs are very simple and repeated over and over. There is the odd exception, however unless you are in regular attendance of the games you don't need to worry about those ones just yet. The further you get down this page, the more advanced the songs will be...

Another good one to know is in Spanish, but quite easy to learn. It is sung when a member of the opposing team is sent off, injured or substituted off and is sung as they leave the pitch to the tune of the infamous football song "Here we go"...

Ad-i-os...... Ad-i-os...... Ad-i-os.......
Here we go, here we go, here we go...

Ad-i-os...... Ad-i-os...... Ad-i-oh-oh......
Here we go, here we go, here we go-oh...

Ad-i-os...... Ad-i-os...... Ad-i-os.......
Here we go, here we go, here we go...

Hijo de puta.... Ad-i-os......!
Here we go-oh, here we go...

This translates as "goodbye, male offspring of a lady of the night!"

Another tune you might be familiar with is that of "Go West" by the Pet Shop Boys. A simple song that is sung to this tune consists of one line sung over again to the whole chorus...

Fren-te.... Bla-an-qui-a-zul....... etc.
Go West, life is peace-ful there... etc.

And so on....

Insults & Exclamations!


What to say When to say it What it means
Línea cabrón! When the linesman makes a bad decision< The linesman prefers the intimate company of goats to that of women...
Hijo de puta! When you think someone has done something that you don't agree with. You are the male offspring of a lady of dubious profession...
Vamos! Venga! When you want the players to get a move on. Come on! Let's go!
Pressión! When you think the team should be making a little more effort. Pressure!

General Football Vocabulary*

This section is useful when listening to the radio commentary, or watching a match on the TV. It contains all the Spanish football terms and will help you understand what's going on... needless to say, if the commentator shouts "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!" It means we've scored, however if they say "gol." it means the other team's scored... read on!

*This section has been blatantly plagiarised from Andy Woolley's Peña Internet website. It seemed far too much work to write it all out ourselves, so we took the easy option. Take a look at Andy's site : HERE.

Castellano / Spanish English / Inglés Notes
aburrido(a) boring NEVER applies to games involving CD Tenerife!
la afición the fans / supporters -
aficionado/a fan -
alineación line-up -
amonestación warning / booking -
árbitro referee -
asiento seat -
aúpa!(a) up! / come on! -
balón ball -
balompié football / soccer i.e. the game. Appears mainly in club names e.g. Real Betis Balompié
banquillo the bench -
blanquiazul blue and white los blanquiazules - the blue and whites i.e. CD Tenerife
cabeza head -
campeón champions -
campeonato championship -
campo pitch / field -
capitán captain -
castigo penalty -
conjunto the team literally means the assembly, group or set
copa cup -
Copa América American Nation's Cup equivalent of European Championship but every 2 years
Copa Libertadores Liberators' Cup South American club competition
Copa del Rey The King's Cup The Spanish equivalent of the FA CUP
corner corner kick -
defensa defender -
delantero forward -
delantero centro centre forward -
derrota defeat -
descanso half-time also means interval e.g. before extra-time
descuento injury time -
diferencia por goles goal difference -
disparo shot (at goal) -
dorsal number squad numbers are always worn
empate draw -
en casa at home -
entrada ticket -
entrenador manager literally "trainer" but manager in the English sense
estadio football ground / stadium -
estupendo(a) wonderful / terrific ESTUPENDO! [exclamation] means fantastic.
equipo team -
estrellato stardom -
expulsión sending off -
falta foul -
fila row i.e. row of seats in the stand
frente a against -
FUERA! OFF! i.e. send him off!
fuera de casa away game -
fuera de juego offside Literally, 'Out of the game'
fútbol football / soccer i.e. the game
gol goal i.e. a goal scored
grada terrace desde la grada [from the terrace] - letters page in "Tenerife Hoy"
guanche original Tinerfeños orgullo guanche [guanche pride] - slogan on fans' t-shirts
guardameta goalkeeper -
hincha fan more familiar than aficionado - seems more common in South America
internada tackle -
jugador player -
jugada move i.e. series of passes
liga league -
madera woodwork i.e. the post / crossbar
marcador scorer -
marcar to score -
medio midfielder -
meta goal i.e. the posts and net
el Mundial the World Cup -
palo goalpost -
partido game -
peña fanclub -
penalti penalty difficult to guess if you don't speak fluent Spanish!!!
pie foot -
plantilla the staff / squad -
portería goal i.e. the posts and net
portera goalkeeper in women's football only!
portero goalkeeper -
poste goalpost -
primera mitad first half -
primer tiempo first half -
propia meta own goal -
prórroga extra-time -
puerta entry gate / turnstile -
puntos points -
Real Royal as in the name of many football teams
la Recopa The Cup-winners Cup -
red the net -
remate shot -
saque incial kick-off -
saque de esquina corner kick Translates as 'away from the corner'
saque de banda throw-in Translates as 'away from the line'
(la) selección national team strictly "la selección nacional" but often just referred to as "la seleccion"
segunda mitad second half -
segundo tiempo second half -
suplente substitute -
tanto shot -
tarjeta amarilla yellow card -
tarjeta roja red card -
taquilla ticket office -
terreno pitch / field -
tinerfeño tenerifean -
travesaño crossbar -
triunfo triumph -
la UEFA the UEFA Cup -
vestuarios changing rooms -
victoria victory -