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Objective La Liga - Chapter one

Alvaro Cervera's men are at their moment, after the win in Eibar brings them to three in the last four everything is possible 
Photo M. S.

CD Tenerife has a chance this afternoon to position itself in the fight for the two direct places to go up to the first division

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We hope there will be a good atmosphere in the stadium - Ricardo Leon

José Luis Oltra has Told present CD Tenerife coach - if you give the fans here reason to believe they will help you fly

Objective La Liga - Chapter one 2014/04/19 23:46

Ayoze hopes to play on Sunday

Ayoze Perez trained normally Thursday and Friday. The teams highest goal scorer hope to play on Sunday. 

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Every player wants to see their stadium full

Ayoze hopes to play on Sunday 2014/04/19 00:09

Aridane - we have a lot to gain and little to lose

The goal against Eibar is the bra of my career

Cervera - if we play the playoff it is because we made it not because the team changed plans

Ayoze Perez fit but still not clear he will play
Photo Steven Mendez

Aridane - we have a lot to gain and little to lose 2014/04/18 07:05

Cervera - I want to play the playoffs

When you are at the top you have to make the most of your chances because it doesn't happen all the time - Ayoze Diaz

Juanjo Exposito thinks Numancia will do well this season but after Sunday's game

Cervera stated that he wants the team to play the playoffs and that he thinks two legged the team has strong chances

Cervera - I want to play the playoffs 2014/04/17 01:12

Go for it

If the fans want to dream we should go for it - Cristo Martin

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The mister discusses Bruno leaving and the mistakes the club made. 

Photo Jose Luis Gonzalez

Natalio and Julio Alvarez and returning to Tenerife for the first time since the desastrous season they played here

The aim for the team is to win against Numancia and if we manage that to win against Jaen stated Quique Rivero

Go for it 2014/04/15 22:57