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Promotion dreams

I am dreaming of promotion - Alvaro Cervera

Photo Sergio Mendez

Ricardo León could play his 200th game this Sunday for CD Tenerife

The derby is a long way away. We need to play one game at a time - Suso Santana

Photo: Carsten W Lauritsen

In the playoff CD Tenerife will be the strongest team - Vitolo

Javi Moyano - we are in a great posición we have the necesary 52 points and games in hand
Photo S M

Promotion dreams 2014/04/22 23:13

Canarian teams same number in everything

The two big Canarian teams are coming towards the end of the league. Not only do they have the same points but Aldo the same number of wins, draws and losses

Photo Steven Mendez
Aitor Sanz - Cristo has no real replacement

Cristo will miss the Derby

Aridane Santana - the team is going forward

Canarian teams same number in everything 2014/04/21 23:34

1137 days later

Highlights from yesterday's game

A game worthy of the first division

Photo Fran Pallero

A change in Canarian football puts CD Tenerife ahead of UD Las Palmas 1137 days later 

Photo Jose LuisGonzalez

Cristo Martin could be 1 month off. Further tests will be run today Monday

Alvaro Cervera -we are having a good run

1137 days later 2014/04/20 23:11

Objective La Liga - Chapter one

Alvaro Cervera's men are at their moment, after the win in Eibar brings them to three in the last four everything is possible 
Photo M. S.

CD Tenerife has a chance this afternoon to position itself in the fight for the two direct places to go up to the first division

Foto S.M.

We hope there will be a good atmosphere in the stadium - Ricardo Leon

José Luis Oltra has Told present CD Tenerife coach - if you give the fans here reason to believe they will help you fly

Objective La Liga - Chapter one 2014/04/19 23:46

Ayoze hopes to play on Sunday

Ayoze Perez trained normally Thursday and Friday. The teams highest goal scorer hope to play on Sunday. 

Photo M. S.

Every player wants to see their stadium full

Ayoze hopes to play on Sunday 2014/04/19 00:09